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Online guitar lessons for all ages and skill levels.
Personalized just for you.

Online music teacher Adam Reed

About Adam

An artist, musician, and teacher based on the east coast in the USA, Adam has over 15 years experience  working in the music and education industries.

As a teacher, Adam is highly personable and engaging. He uses a fun, collaborative approach and research-based strategies to help learners grow their strengths and improve their skills.

As a student himself, Adam has earned a BA from Penn State (Criminal Justice), and Master's degrees from California State University (Education) and St. John's College (Philosophy). Currently he is pursuing state licensure to work as a therapist.

What will I learn?

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Skills and Techniques 

Master the basic skills all guitar players need in order to develop their own style and sound. Includes finger strength builders, picking and strumming exercises, and speed drills, 

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Notes, Chords, and Theory

Expand your musical vocabulary by learning to play notes and a variety of chords. Learn to play popular songs you already know and love.

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Improvisation and Creativity

Express yourself by creating new arrangements using the skills, techniques, and theory you already know. Take risks, make mistakes, and keep on going!

How does a typical guitar lesson go?

Each lesson is designed to be fun, challenging, and customized to your unique needs. 

1. Warm-Up

Settle into the present and get moving.

2. Technique

Train your hands and fingers.

3. Chords

Learn a variety of chords and patterns.

4. Jam Time

Play along with a favorite tune.

5. Wrap-Up

Check for questions and plan homework.

Want to learn more? 

Click 'Contact' to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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